on 02 Mar: Jos Dekker ★ won 3rd Polyomino Championship
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Little Golem

Welcome to this website where you can play turn-based board games. You can start playing immediately after registration. There are also plenty of tournaments for members, non-members, and new comers to participate.

Recent Little Golem Champions

on 15 Apr Tobias Lang won 24th Lines of Action Championship
on 08 Apr AaronM won 17th WYPS Championship
on 31 Mar ondik won 17th Connect6 Championship
on 24 Mar Maciej Celuch won 36th Twixt PP Championship
on 23 Mar Gerhard Knop won 31st Go 9x9 Championship

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Chrome extension for LG from Adrian Petrescu: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/camnfciehjhogdibimnoghlbedligapl. Thanks Adrian !.


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