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A "Cancel Move" button
  • Jean at 2002-04-29

    Could a cancel move button be added?
    Of course, we could use the browser ‘back’, but that page expired by the time we want to use it.

  • BIG BAD WOLF at 2002-05-09

    I agree that I Cancel Move button would be good.

    But a way to avoid having to hit the back button (where you get a page expired message), I just go hit “My Games” then click on the game again – 2 clicks of the mouse instead of a few. (But a cancel move would only be 1 click!) :)


  • Strawberry_Sunshine at 2002-05-09

    webtv you can just hit the back button and it is as if you never made the play in the first place
    but a cancel button would be a good idea

  • Jean at 2002-05-21

    Just wanted to say thanks for implementing it. Very nice.
    When you get a chance, would be nice to make it look like the ‘Submit’ button. Thanks again.

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