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LG is losing active players
  • milesd at 2013-03-03

    Anyone knows why?

  • unique at 2013-03-03

    Do you have any data to support your claim?

  • milesd at 2013-03-03

    You can check the nº of players in the last championships. Since 2009 we have less players in almost every game. Is not a claim just a curiosity

  • z at 2013-03-03

    Abstract board games in general are probably losing popularity, if the trend of web search volume is an indication: http://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=chess%2C%20hex&cmpt=q

  • David Milne at 2013-03-03

    Now a days players can easily get their gaming fix via apps on their phones and tablets. Newer and younger players probably don’t even think of looking any further to find traditional online gaming sites to play on their desktops.

    Maybe what LG needs is dedicated apps on ios and android phones and tablets.
    That should not be horrendously hard. Livecode is going open source ( and free as in beer ) at the end of the month. It will be dual licensed so that you can pay if you want to distribute your apps and programs and you don’t want them to be open source as well.

  • christian freeling ★ at 2013-03-04

    An abstract game is a virtual reality. Till recently the best ‘implementation’ was in wood (or plastic). So we called them boardgames. They will evolve in tablet games, or phonegames or phabletgames in no time. Not only can you play virtually any abstract, but a whole class of new abstracts will be possible using the features provided. I’ll give a few examples:

    • Stapeldammen on an actual board is a game of manual dexterity. Very distracting. No problem on an app.
    • Multiplicity was designed with this aspect in mind: without an app to keep track of the scores, the game would hardly be playable (we’re working on an applet by the way).
    • Mu-velox is maybe the clearest example here: it can be played on a regular (composite) board, but figuring out a good move in this multimove environment takes trial and error, in casu the taking back of multiple steps and trying anew, till one has determined one.

    So I think interest in abstracts will grow rather than fade.

  • Christian K at 2013-03-04

    Symple has also been accused ofbeing a computer board game with the score keeping (although it is of course doable it is just easier to have a comptuer handle that stuff´)

  • christian freeling ★ at 2013-03-04

    Guilty as charged :)

  • alihv at 2013-03-04

    z, I forgot how much fun GTrends are...

  • alihv at 2013-03-04

    sorry, same with links:
    chess, Einstein, board game, handball, skiing
    board game, checkers, card game, Socrates, abstract game
    reversi, Epicurus, blokus, shogi, abstract game
    gomoku, pentago, Anaximander, abstract game, littlegolem
    “arimaa, littlegolem, dvonn, Thrasymachus, yinsh”: http://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=arimaa%2C%20littlegolem%2C%20dvonn%2C%20Thrasymachus%2C%20yinsh&cmpt=q

  • alihv at 2013-03-04

    (xiangqi removed, link fixed)
    “arimaa, littlegolem, dvonn, Thrasymachus, yinsh”:http://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=arimaa%2C%20littlegolem%2C%20dvonn%2C%20Thrasymachus%2C%20yinsh&cmpt=q

  • alihv at 2013-03-04

    you must be kidding...
    arimaa, littlegolem, dvonn, Thrasymachus, yinsh

  • David Milne at 2013-03-05

    Looking at google trends is all very nice and great fun, but it only tells you about trends on desk tops, as used increasingly by, greying, olding fuddy duddies. ( It is not some kind of magical meter that gives you absolute knowledge about the present trends in the real world).

    Where do you go to find the trends on phones and tablets?

  • z at 2013-03-05

    The trends include search queries on mobile devices.

  • David Milne at 2013-03-05

    Thanks for that.

    Do you know how to extract the trends, just for mobile devices, without the weight of the trends for more traditional platforms?

  • z at 2013-03-05

    A platform breakdown would be nice, but I don’t think it’s available.

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