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I'm trying to figure out what I am. Ideas welcome!
  • blargdragon at 2016-12-28

    I’m not  sure if I’m a bag of grass seed that was left in the rain and sprouted, or if I’m some descendant of Medusa after thousands of years of dipping into the same kiddie-sized gene pool, or if I’m a soggy order of french fries that are high in solanine, or maybe a children’s cartoon character that found himself on the wrong side of the city, or what. Whatever this is, it’s not a very accurate depiction of me.

    My hands are smaller than that.

  • The_Burglar at 2016-12-28

    image search best guess from google gets

    profile icon 200x200 Application software

    game icon 60x60 cartoon

    Result:- google lacks an understanding of 2 dimensions

  • Sighris at 2016-12-29

    Welblargdragonas anyone can see, you are obviously a dragon, of the blarg variety which has those green things coming out the top of their heads.... or some punk-rock pink cat with an old school mustache. 

  • purgency at 2016-12-29

    i much prefer these new gravatars over the older ones. i wonder if each of those is uniquely created by an intelligent machine learning system, I much enjoyed this talk where they showed computer generated images, I think this is actually more likely than a database of pre-generated images from which they pick one randomly and assign it to the user. It’s also cooler than the database version, I like the idea of having a robot draw pictures for you on the spot.

  • purgency at 2016-12-29

    ok, from what i have seen it has sets of variations for different body parts and then combines them differently.

    e.g. these: 



    have the same hair and then these:



    have the same dinosaur leg and tail

  • Carroll at 2016-12-29

    Don’t comment on empathy game in progress please ;)

  • The_Burglar at 2017-01-03

    after changing my email address for the new year, icon changed

    a google picture search of my icon:- Author

  • marcmandy at 2017-01-03

    I think I’m a Martian (or Venusian?) on roller skates...?

    I just noticed these cutesies. When did they appear and who brought 'em. (Was it an illegal immigration? Do we need to be concerned?)

  • William Fraser ★ at 2017-01-03

    I think they are about 2 weeks old.  Richard must have changed the algorithm which assigns a random avatar to those who haven’t provided one.  I think like these better than the symmetric geometric ones, but on the other hand I suspect I will get tired of them at some point....

  • Sighris at 2017-01-05

    I agree that "I like these random avatars better than the symmetric geometric ones," because A) the previous ones looked pretty similar to me, thus it was difficult for me to easily recognize everyone (I’m a very visual person who can more easily remember a “face” than a name, B) my symmetric geometric (NON-random) avatar  will now look more unique, and C) I think these new avatars will.... ummm... encourage many members to make their own (better/more-personal)  avatar images (when they get tired of the current cartoon alien ones. :) 

  • Nathan F Miller ★ at 2017-01-05

    Blargdragon, you appear to be a sandwich, possibly made from home-baked bread (thus the slight irregularity of the outline of the slice) with bean sprouts popping out of the top. An ordinary enough thing to see in a home, minus the eyes, mouth, and limblets.

  • The_Burglar at 2017-01-06

    visited gravatar.com and changed my icon (dealienation)

    now it’s (or was) an othello (reversi) draw book position with 7 choices

  • The_Burglar at 2017-01-13

    now it’s “a slim black book” playing “a slim white book” (maybe not the slimmest books) c4c3d3c5b4d2d6c6f4f5b6f3e3e2f2b5a4a3a2f1c1e1c2b3d1a6g1e7d7b2e6f7g5g4g6f6h3d8a5a1c7h4c8h2e8h7g3f8g8a7b7a8b8h8g7h6h5g2h1--b1

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