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Computer Olympiad 2017
  • Ingo Althofer at 2017-01-19


    the next Computer Olympiad will take place from July 01 to July 07, 2017, in Leiden (NL). Of course, games like Chess, Go (+ variants), Shogi (+ variants), Draughts, Hex, Amazons, Breakthrough will be played. But there is the opportunity for many others – it depends on the initiative of programmers. Feel free to ask the organizers (Prof. Dr. Jaap van den Herik, Prof. Walter Kosters, and Jan Krabbenbos)  for your favorite game. I myself will propose “EinStein wurfelt nicht” again.

    Ingo Althoefer (Vice President of the ICGA).

  • z at 2017-01-19

    Why is it not yet announced on the ICGA official website?

  • Ingo Althofer at 2017-01-20


    the ICGA (Journal) is in a personal change.

    Currently the ICGA website is not regularly updated. Sorry for that.


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