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Moving forward looking back
  • christian freeling at 2017-03-09

    So here is my obituary except that I’m not quite dead yet.
    [b]Moving forward looking back[/b]

    Thank you all for a curious 40-year run!

  • David Milne at 2017-03-09

    What an interesting read. Thanks :-)

  • Ingo Althofer at 2017-03-10

    Hi Christian, are you going to step down? You shouldn’t!

    By the way, in your list your most prominent game is missing: “Havannah”.

    Cheers, Ingo.

  • christian freeling at 2017-03-10

    Hi Ingo,

    Doing something I shouldn’t ... story of my life :)

    Havannah is missing from this particular list because I feel it doesn’t belong there. It didn’t emerge from any particular concept. More an accidental but lucky merger of win conditions. It changes with board size and 8 to 10 merely  _happen_ to be good. I’m not against striking it lucky but I’m not overrating the result either.

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