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playing on a mobile
  • Hjallti at 2017-04-04

    I am playing on a mobile since a couple of weeks and it works fine except for a few things: (probably this has been said before)

    Dots I can’t shrink the grid so I can see everything,

    Go Toroid, The two color screen as on the server doesn’t appear. It looks like a normal game (except there could be apparent ‘death’ groups on the edge)

    Wyps: you can’t see the ‘bag’, especially in end games I want to know vhen it gets empty

    You can’t see the score and the number of moves directly. In streetsoccer I am used to consider both when deciding to move (offence or defence).

    morelli 37x37 (which I don’t think should be playable)

  • The_Burglar at 2017-04-04

    On android (maybe v6) on some games mainly only on this site

    to see wanted info and be able to play

    I have to "request desktop site"

    which gets the job done

  • EJCT at 2017-04-07

    If you can find funds then I can spend time to develop app for android devices:)

  • Paul Wiselius at 2017-04-10

    On my mobile android phone I cannot subscribe to a new game or tournament, all I get is some errormessage :(

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