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New simple feature
  • EJCT at 2017-04-07

    It would be nice to have possibility to resign even if there is opponent turn

  • Force majeure at 2017-04-07

    And making notes for own use. It could save much time when returning to the game after few idle days or when playing many games at once.

  • Florian Jamain at 2017-04-07

    It would be nice if it was not possible to resign even during our turn. Thx.

  • alihv at 2017-04-07

    Then it should also not be possible to intentionally time out in order to resign. Here’s the only way it could work: should somebody get too close to timing out, a SWAT team gets dispatched to the suspected resigner.

  • The_Burglar at 2017-04-07

    ban time

  • The_Burglar at 2017-04-07

    and capital letters

  • Tommah at 2017-04-07

    When a player is about to time out in a game, the system should pick a random move and play that automatically.  Except for me.  For me, the system should always play the best move.

  • EJCT at 2017-04-07

    Best move? So weak players will always wait for pc best move to win :D Anyway in games like go and hex it is hard to find best move via pc :) The strongest bot in hex is only 1900 elo  and human 2600+ even I won all games vs mohex:)

  • EJCT at 2017-04-07

    But we will build a quantum computer for your moves :D

  • struggler at 2017-04-08

    I remember that in the previous “version” of littlegolem site there was a possibility to make notes in every game, it was very handy. someone knows why it disappeared? 

  • The_Burglar at 2017-04-08

    Its still there, but uses invisible ink to stop others reading them

    maybe the simplest idea would be the one move plays all, which plays all your games in one go, using the super multi game board

  • Tommah at 2017-04-08

    @struggler: The old note box looked the same as the box where you typed your message to your opponent.  Before you made your move, it was the note box; after you made your move, it was the message box.  Richard probably took it out because of the confusion.  It would be nice to have it again if it worked more clearly.  There could be a little notepad icon that you can click to see or edit your notes for the game.

  • struggler at 2017-04-08

    Yep, it was exactly as you say and I suppose that indeed some folks could have been confused but in the end it was a pretty useful feature, I’d be very glad if it came back in such a form or another.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2017-04-10

    Yes, for most  games it is very handy if you could make a note about the reasons why you made a move. It saves a lot of thinking time when the answer comes days later on...

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