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Little Golem Monster Rating
  • Maurizio De Leo ★ at 2017-05-10


    Is anybody interested on a re-implementation of the monster ratings at

    The original site is still up, but it is not being maintained and thus lacks some of the later games.  In theory it should not be complex to reconstruct, but I’m not a programmer.

  • Florian Jamain at 2017-05-14

    +1 !

    Could be nice to have this directly on LittleGolem and not on another website. 

  • mmKALLL at 2017-05-14

    I tried contacting the author about it twice, but got no response. I don’t personally have the time to maintain something like that, but would be glad to have it integrated into the site. Perhaps as a “game” that takes its rating as a sum from all the other games? Then we could utilize the in-site leaderboards, etc.

    One problem is variations. Should the highest rating from a game and its variations be counted? Only the rating of the base game? Polyomino and Go use the same rating for all variations, whereas the word games and some others don’t. This is something that I don’t think there will be an easy consensus on – my personal opinion is that the highest rating amongst a game’s variations should count.

  • Maurizio De Leo ★ at 2017-06-17

    Actually integrated in the site it would be the easiest.

    The data is already available and no need to have data retrieval system.

  • Florian Jamain at 2017-06-17

    +1 Maurizio

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