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The Future of ConHex at LittleGolem
  • Ludohex at 2017-05-21

    Growing time and health problems compel me to end my active participation in all ConHex tournaments  at LittleGolem.

    For me, as the author of ConHex, this is a very sad moment. And I feel it is the right moment to thank all of you

    who helped bring into existence our small, but vivid community of devoted ConHex players.

    Since my posting “One Year ConHex on LittleGolem” in the General Forum (2017-01-14)  many of you expressed support

    for the proposal of excellent players like Ray Garrison, Florian Jamain, Ingo Althöfer, musti and others, who

    suggested implementing ConHex on a larger board: 6x6 or even 7x7. I think the arguments in favor of this proposal

    are very convincing. Richard Malaschitz, to whom I wrote in this sense, was also convinced and was so friendly to

    inform me that he would start working on it. Unfortunately, somewhat later he let me know “time is problem”.

    Of course, this must be respected. It is his precious time – and it is highly appreciated by all of us. Thank you again,


    Yet I strongly hope the issue of ConHex on a larger board will soon be brought to the agenda again.

    Regretfully, for the time being I stop plaing ConHex competitively, but I hope to be able to visit LittleGolem as guest

    and to enjoy many a tense battle as a spectator. I’ll try to keep in contact.

    Keep playing!


    (Michail Antonow)

  • ypercube at 2017-05-22

    Yes, I’d enjoy ConHex on a larger board, too.

  • Hjallti at 2017-05-23

    Thanks for creating the game. I really enjoy it more than hex.

    I also would like to see it biģger

    And best wishes for your health.

  • panglott at 2017-05-24

    Thank you for the game! It has brought me a good bit of thought and pleasure. 

  • Rbpompeu at 2017-05-24

    Thank you Michail, simple rules and great strategies!

  • Florian Jamain at 2017-05-24

    When the larger board will be there, I’ll be back too. (-;

  • Hjallti at 2017-05-24

    Champioship 6 is on its way. Remarkable is 3 players 1900+ and the others less than 1700. Lets go for a upset victory. Is the championship tracking bot still available?

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