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Resurected tournaments....
  • morphles at 2017-08-08

    What a hell is up with these resurected tournaments poping up again? Had one mc appear from 2013 now another from 2014, what is this for? This is annoying, I’m unlisted in those games, and they come back necroed from god knows where. The one from 2013 had like 3 players that even made a move from 7. Why are these ancient tournaments being resurected?

  • Crelo at 2017-08-08

    The new tournaments are made from all the Montlhy Cup winners in a year, so you have one tournament per game per year. It started as far back as 2002, few players remained active since then. I guess in some time it will catch up and the yearly finals will start right after the last Monthly Cup of the previous year finishes.

    This means you won at least one Monthly Cup in 2013 and 2014. It’s fun anyway.

  • Maurizio De Leo ★ at 2017-08-08

    I don’t understand. From the FAQ it  mentions only that winners from the same month do other rounds until a winner is crowned. It doesn’t mention an additional yearly round between winners from each month.  Do you have any link to this tournament ?

    Also, is there any place where I can see all the past tournaments ?

    When competing in a Monthly Cup Tournament you might find yourself playing against opponents with a much higher or much lower rating than yours.  These tournaments usually consist of five players – meaning you’ll play four games... one game each against each of your four opponents.
    Each Monthly Cup Tournament consists of several rounds.  If you finish first in a round you will advance to the next round.  Monthly Cup Tournament games are held all month long.  You can enter as many first-rounds during the month as you like, but winning just one of these rounds is sufficient to advance you to the next round.  (And winning more than one first-round does not give you more entries in the second round.)  
    At the end of the month, no more entries into that month’s Cup are accepted.  Winners from each round keep advancing until a winner is determined.  That player is crowned that month’s Monthly Cup Champion for that particular game. 
    Because of the additional rounds, Monthly Cup Tournaments take much longer to finish than Rated Tournaments, often many months to complete.  Depending upon the game and the number of players, the Monthly Cup Champion for the month of, for example, February, might not be determined until August!

  • Florian Jamain at 2017-08-08

    Crelo is right. It was not there when the FAQ was written. 

  • ypercube at 2017-08-08

    Yes, these yearly rounds only started in January 2016 (for the games that had 2002 monthly cups).

    And the name of the tournament changed from Monthly Cup to just Cup.

  • Maurizio De Leo ★ at 2017-08-08

    I think I found an example.

    For Slither, they seem to have started in 2017 and they are running one after the other, currently stopped at 2013.

    While researching this I also noticed that the tournaments do not have normalized names, with the older one lacking the identifier of the variant (e.g. “size9”).

  • morphles at 2017-08-08

    Retroactive application is stil lannoying imo and mostly useless....

  • William Fraser ★ at 2017-08-08

    Oh, in terms of looking them up, if you look at the home page for a given game, reached by Clicking on “Games” on the left, followed by the name of the game, for example:

    Then click on “Cup” in the navigation row near the top:

    Main  Championship  INFINITY - Cup  User tournaments  Rating games - Rules

    which takes you to:

    Then if you scroll down to a year which has at least started its final championship, there will be a button labeled “Final Group” which takes you to the finals for that year:

  • Maurizio De Leo ★ at 2017-08-08

    Thanks William.

    I discovered a trove of information in those links at the top, which I had never clicked before. I thought all the information was already below.

    While navigating, I also found some more complexity in in how the database “evolved”. For example HEX11 seems to be a variant of HEX13, but HEX19 is a separate game.

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