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BiggerGolem is back!
  • apetresc at 2017-09-13

    Hey all,

    Some of you may remember the “BiggerGolem” Chrome extension I published about 7 years ago, which added some improvements to the LittleGolem UI (most notably, it added more piece sets to Shogi back when there was only a single one, and it added a toolbar badge that alerted you how many games you had on turn). Well, that extension had slowly stopped working over the years as the site changed.

    A few days ago, a user (Mathijs Claassen) went to the trouble of updating the extension to work with both the newer Chrome extension APIs as well as the new site layout. This inspired be to revive the extension, and I also added a major new feature: additional Chess piece sets and a resizable board (since the blurry 32-pixel pieces look TINY on modern screens). It looks something like this now: 

    Now that it’s working again, I’m happy to add more requested features, or accept pull requests :)

    The Chrome Web Store link to install it on your own Chrome is:

    The GitHub link to contribute is:

    Enjoy, everyone!

  • apetresc at 2017-09-21

    Good news – BiggerGolem is now available for Firefox! :) It’s been approved in the Mozilla Add-on Gallery, so you can grab it at:

    It works exactly the same way as the Chrome version (in fact, the code is completely identical). The only real difference is that in Chrome, you can access the options page for the extension just by right-clicking on the button in the toolbar, while on Firefox you have to go to about:addons in the browser bar and configure it from there.


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