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Why am I in Level 2 Championship
  • terrance806 at 2017-12-20

    Every now and again this site does something very strange.

    I have been playing Level WYPS (English 14) for a number of tournaments. In the last tournament I finished 6th out of 13 players.


    Despite this I was sent down to Level 2. In the current level 1 group my rating is better than 6 of the nine players. I am also ranked 7th on the site for WYPS.

    Can any explain why I am not playing Level 1?

  • Paul Wiselius at 2017-12-20

    The curious thing is that wyps.ch.29.1.1 had 13 players, whereas 28 and 30 have 9 players!?

    Maybe that has something to do with it?

  • Marius Halsor ★ at 2017-12-20

    Tournaments generally have 9 players. When a tournament ends, this happens:

    -The top 2 players in each group is promoted to the next higher level
    -Players 3-5 stays in the same level
    -Players who finished 6th or worse is demoted one level

    Exceptions are:

    -Ties (if two players tie for 2nd place in a tournament, or several players tie for 5th place)
    -The top two players in level 1 tournaments are not promoted, obviously (no higher level exists)
    -New or old players join (if they take a break, then return, I think they retain their championship level, thus expanding the number of players in this level, but not sure of the exact mechanisms here)
    -Players leave the tournament, making room for more players may cause people to be promoted or not demoted
    -The lowest levels also experience some exceptions. One can obviously not be demoted from the lowest level. Also, there are situations where one is not demoted to the lowest level, due to new players joining making the new lowest level (I think)

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2017-12-21

    I believe there is a rule that says that players who are in top 10 on the rating list and have not played in league 1 before are automatically promoted to league 1. This can sometimes lead to a high number of participants in league 1, but only the top 5 finishers retain their spot regardless.

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