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I invented a Go-like game for hex boards that doesn't suck
  • NickBentley at 2018-05-31

    It’s called Blooms. I wrote a comparison between Blooms and Go focused on how life works in each.

    Check it out. I’d love criticism.

  • ypercube at 2018-05-31

    Seems fantastic. I hope Richard adds it to the site!

  • NickBentley at 2018-05-31

    Thanks ypercube. That means a lot. 

  • jytou ★ at 2018-06-08

    I’ve had a look too and it definitely looks promising. Would love to test it here. :)

  • NickBentley at 2018-06-08

    Cool. I’m looking for a place to get it implemented online. LG is my first choice but Richard is probably too busy for it. Other recommendations welcome. 

  • Crelo at 2018-06-09

    It seems more dynamic than Go, extremely tactical on small boards. I wonder how would it be on a big board, what kind of strategy will emerge. :-)

  • NickBentley at 2018-06-13

    Me too. it’s been getting more strategic for me on hexhex5 as i’ve played more and I’m starting to see through the thicket of tactics. But I probably won’t see the full shape of strategy until I get it implemented and a bunch of people start playing. 

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