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Polyomino tournament and Abstract Games League.
  • Luca Cerrato ★ at 2018-06-29

    Hi All,the registration to the Polyomino tournament is open, everyone are welcome.
    This tournament is a practice for the Abstract Games League 2019.The Abstract Games League is composed of a number of tournament of abstract games. At end of each tournament the players receive points for the rank.The player with more points at end of the season will be the best abstract player of the year.

    For more information visit www.tavolando.net

  • jugular ★ at 2018-07-01

    I thought all games were on Boardgamearena?

  • Luca Cerrato ★ at 2018-07-01

    For this all tournaments are played on BGA, next year some tournaments will be played here.

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