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Again...what was that website where u can see your win-rate against another player?
  • KPT ★ at 2018-12-06

    Again...what was that website where u can see your win-rate against another player?

    Thanks :)

  • klaashaas at 2018-12-08

    You can see that if you install the extension BiggerGolem, which you can find here:

  • MisterCat ★ at 2018-12-08

    I installed BG for Chrome, installed fine, running, icon on top, etc.  I don’t see any change, and I don’t see how to bring up the statistics screen shown above.  Please advise. Thanks. Meow.  Happy Holidays.

  • klaashaas at 2018-12-08

    If you click on my name to see my profile, you’ll see our statistics. We’ve only played once. If you click on the list of reversi 10x10 games I have played (on my profile) every game between us is highlighted.

    Hope it makes sense.

  • MisterCat ★ at 2018-12-08

    Oh, NOW I see; you have to click on an individual name, and get stats vs. a specific person.  OK, it is something.  This is not as useful to me as Alan Hensel’s old Grease Monkey extension, where you could bring up your stats by GAME as opposed to by NAME; that one no longer works.  But who am I to complain? - these are all free projects being contributed by Golem members, so I am thankful.  As far as I can tell, this is about all Bigger Golem will do for me, since I don’t play any of the games where it supposedly fixes the display.  If there IS another feature that I am missing, please let me know. And, of course, MY THANKS for your reply to my question!   :)

  • KPT ★ at 2018-12-08

    Thanks Klaashaas

  • apetresc at 2018-12-10

    MisterCat, I’m not sure I understand your request. BiggerGolem does break down your win-rate for each game against a specific player. You seem to be asking for your winrate for an entire game across all players, but of course LittleGolem has always shown you that information in your own profile page. I must be misunderstanding something.

  • MisterCat ★ at 2018-12-10

    Oh, I can clarify that... OK, your own profile on LG shows all game results, by player, but arranged in order of DATE.  The old extension used to arrange the same data by PLAYER.  The advantage, for me, is that I could scan the list, see which players I do well against, which players beat me the most, my progress against specific players, etc. etc.  Personally, I found that to be of interest.

    As I said, though, I don’t really care that much, the data is there, to be found if needed, and my presence on this website is not all that major.  I am grateful for what I get, I am grateful for you responses, and it is certainly gratifying to be acknowledged.

    Hopefully, I was clear enough that time.


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