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Abusive player
  • Fred Strauss at 2004-08-23


    Is anyone else getting abusive messages from g.g. or is it personal? :)

    I got the following message from this person:
    Title: go
    Message: you know this game? i think not! i learned last month and most players is week for me! i dont like your face, blacky!!!

    I didn’t even respond, just added him to my blacklist, but i do have a go game with this person.

    I just want to know if anyone else has received something similiar


  • Ken at 2004-08-23

    wow, that is beyond rude! not responding is probably the wisest course of action. obviously a freak. don’t waste your time.

  • josh downer at 2004-08-23

    Hi Fred,

    I had the same experience with g.g. I just did the same as you – put him on my blacklist. Unfortunately, it does seem that this will not prevent you having to play him again. If I have to play him again, I will probably resign immediately. I’m not sure in others will think this is the correct attitude to take with someone like that, but I do not wish to spend my time playing people like that.

    Having said that, virtually everyone else I have met on LG has been really friendly and a pleasure to play with.

  • Gregorlo at 2004-08-24

    well, I have to say that I’m playing with him and in circa 30 moves I got no abusive message from him...

  • Fred Strauss at 2004-08-24

    I also haven’t received any messages from him in the game, just a private message. He’s been quiet since, but that could be the blacklist working :)

    Josh: I understand why you’d resign if he sent abusive messages in games, i’m also here to have fun

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