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what is going on with the time?
  • cindys_1952 at 2004-08-31

    I have a game playing with Lisa. Game #206858 ....she has not moved since July 26....she had -120 hours last week and now today she has 10...this morning it was 5 so she is gaining time. Says she is on vacating but its been over a month since she moved.

  • cindys_1952 at 2004-08-31

    opppssssssss vacation......no wonder I lose so many word games......hahaha

  • Kim at 2004-08-31

    You been at the cp to long?? Mind playing games on ya? LOL
    Couldn’t help myself, had to reply! Love Ya!

  • Abigail at 2004-09-01

    You’ve ten days to make a move before vacation time kicks in. That makes 30 days before you time out. Furthermore, the daemon that takes care of vacation days has had several days of downtime the past weeks, which gives people who’re below 0 hours extra “free time”. I expect Lisa to be very low on vacation days now, so the game will time out any day now.

  • cindys_1952 at 2004-09-01

    hahhaa yes my daughter I have been here way too much.......anyway this morning she is up to 15 so its going the wrong way in my book but then my book is getting old.....

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