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Western Shogi pieces?
  • Tommah ★ at 2014-05-20

    Since the new design went live, my Shogi games have been showing the kanji pieces.  Is there a way to get them to use the Western pieces again?  (Oddly enough, my Mini Shogi games still have the Western pieces!)

  • Tommah ★ at 2014-05-23

    For now, I have solved my own problem... I made a JS bookmark that changes the pieces back.  I posted it here.

  • randywu at 2014-05-25

    Thanks, from your hint I am able to change the western pieces to Kanji ones !

  • Tommah ★ at 2014-05-30

    Haha, glad I could help.

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2014-07-09

    Nice international design on Czech version of kickstarter: https://www.startovac.cz/projekty/shogi/

  • Scott Arnold at 2014-07-19

    Sadly, I’m not as good at taking hints.  I have tried playing with words a bit, but still can’t get the script to change the mini shogi pieces to kanji.  If it is simple to do, could one of you send the proper script for that change?


  • randywu at 2014-11-01

    I follow the hint from Tommah and use following script to change “west” pieces to “ryoko” (single Kanji), you can also use “netto” to have double kanji.
    javascript:$(“div”).each(function (i, elt){ if (elt.style.background.indexOf(“url”) == 0){ elt.style.background = elt.style.background.replace(“west”, “ryoko”); }})

  • Russ Williams at 2015-11-19

    It’s been 18 months... Is littlegolem’s user interface never again going to provide a way to select the pieces, as it did before the change to the new user interface?

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