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Chess board too small
  • EmTom at 2014-10-19


    Is it possible to make chess board bigger? It is tiny in my resolution... :(
    I think there was a settings area on LittleGolem, but I cannot find it anymore.

  • Sighris at 2015-09-23

    Hi EmTom, I do not know the answer to your question. 
    I have a different question, which I thought you were asking, which is: Is there a Chess game here on LittleGolem (or anywhere on the 'net) where we can play Chess on a board larger than 8x8
    I think it would be interesting to try Chess on a 10x8 or even a 10x10 board. This could be done in a number of ways. Two ways come to mind quickly: 1) add 2 pawns and 2 Knights [or 2 Bishops, or one of each, or two new pieces {Dukes? or Cardinals/Priests/Monks which are like Bishops but can only move 4 (or 5?) spaces at most)}]. 2) make the board bigger, but do not add pieces, or maybe just add two pawns , but only have 8 pieces in back row.  {or maybe on a 10x10 board add an additional row of 4 pawns in front of the King, Queen, and Bishops (in front of the main row of pawns)}. 
    Does this seem interesting to anybody? Has it already been done? 

  • Tommah at 2015-09-24

    There are probably lots of those: see .  Two that come to mind are Grand Chess (created by Christian Freeling, who plays on this site) and Capablanca’s Chess.  I would love to see Grand Chess added to LG one of these days.

  • vstjrt at 2015-09-24

    I have “only” 1920 × 1080 and chess is too small in my screen too so alternative bigger chess board would be nice, for now you can just like me use “screen magnifier”.

    You can play bigger chess variants the same way like in LG on few sites. For 8x10(or 10x8 like you want) i prefer “brainking”, other sites I know are “gamerz” (but most games here have no graphical interface), “cowplay” and “ficgs”.

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