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Shame on the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame...
  • unique at 2019-03-14

    for inducting Susan Polgar :(

  • psikonauta at 2019-03-14

    Shame? Why?

  • unique at 2019-03-17

    She and her husband almost ruined the USCF via lawsuits

  • ypercube at 2019-03-18

    It’s a shame that you feel shame... 

  • Carroll ★ at 2019-03-18

    Susan Polgar’s view on this matter:


    and some context where it is clear that USCF sued her and her husband, not the other way round:


    @unique, not everyone here is a chess specialist, if you could put, first a little context and then your analysis on a subject, that would be nice...

  • Dvd Avins at 2019-05-21

    "In December 2006, she announced that she would run for election to the executive board of the United States Chess Federation.27 Polgár, Randy Bauer, and Paul Truong—three of four of Polgár’s slate—were elected to four-year terms. She was elected as the first ever chairman of the USCF.282930

    On October 2, 2007, one of the candidates for the Executive Board position, who had been defeated by Susan Polgár, filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the results of the 2007 election, alleging misconduct.31 Polgár denied any wrongdoing.3233 Polgár and Truong filed suit against the USCF, who counter-sued them, with both sides issuing a variety of allegations. The suit alleging election campaign misconduct was ultimately dismissed by the court.34

    On January 15, 2008, four Board members issued a statement which requested Susan Polgár’s husband step down from his position on the Board for "neglecting his fiduciary duties" through not providing an affirmative defense to the lawsuit.35 This was not, however, an official vote of the Executive Board. Polgár subsequently published a statement asserting that the Board members who voted in favor of this request made a number of misrepresentations.36

    On August 7, 2009, the Executive Board of the USCF rescinded the membership of Polgár and her husband, and they appealed to the Board of Delegates of the USCF. On August 8, 2009, the Delegates of the USCF ratified the previous year’s actions of the Executive Board with respect to the litigation. In a closed Executive Session, the Delegates upheld the membership revocations.3738 The lawsuits were all settled in 2010, with Polgár and Truong severing all affiliation with the USCF (though both can still play in USCF events under “Playing Non-Member Status”); the USCF’s court costs of $131,000 were paid out by its insurer and it had to pay Polgár’s attorney fees of $39,000.39"

  • Dvd Avins at 2019-05-21

    My last link may be to fabrication, I can’t tell.

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