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BIIIIG bug in thematic tournament!!!
  • Krzysztof (Chris) at 2004-09-30

    Look at this here
    I had 3 moeves as white!!! and black only one...

  • Michael Engels at 2004-09-30

    Yep, it’s a thematic tournament called ‘White wins’ :). I hope Richard fixes this bug and restarts the games in this mc.

  • ypercube at 2004-10-01

    Not always (White wins). Look here!
    Seriously now, this bug has to be fixed and all games restarted. It seems that after the 3 thematic moves it’s again White’s turn, while it should be Black’s turn.

  • Michael Engels at 2004-10-01

    :)))...but i think a good player may be able to trap my queen at h1 with 4. ... Qe2 5. Qh1 Nf3 (note the broken notation due to whites double-move). So it’s not a sure win, and I hope Chris is not reading here and Richard restarts the games soon.

  • Garyk Kaspik at 2004-10-01


    please read my mail which I sent to you!
    Thx and rgs.


  • Luriusz at 2004-10-02

    There is one possibility to continue games without repairing the software, but reqiures gentelman’s agreement: white begins with 3.Be2, black answers ..Be7, and then 4.Bd3 Bf8 5.Bf1. So we’ve got King’s gambit starting position with black to move :)

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