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  • KPT at 2011-05-29

    A team of Streetsoccer formed by solitary foreigns

  • Aganju at 2011-05-30

    and whom do you want in there? I’m still looking for a team.

  • KPT at 2011-05-30

    are u searching for a team?

    You are Welcome here.

  • maxdk9 at 2011-05-31

    if thats team for sst4, i’m interested

  • KPT at 2011-05-31

    I don’t know how is going to work the SSTT4.

    Maybe the new system of TEAMS
    will help for this certamen.

    Anyway, you are welcome in our team of Lone rangers

  • KPT at 2011-06-01

    GL MonStars

  • KPT at 2011-09-10

    Okey, the championship almost end,
    we did a great job, and finished 4th.

    Congratulations to Poland.

    Next TC we will better, maybe we need to add more players to our team.

    BTW: we kicked the ass to the italians.

  • Duke of Prunes at 2011-09-10

    Hey! We want a rematch. As soon as possible. And I bet that, next time, YOUR ass will be kicked :-P

  • Nagy Fathy ★ at 2012-04-13

    can I join your SS team?

  • KPT at 2012-04-13

    Nagy, i will be an Honor!

  • KPT at 2012-04-13

    Everyone can apply to our Team
    Just send me a message

  • KPT at 2012-07-03

    Congrats to Maxdk9, for being the winner of the Tc3.
    and congrats to polska as well.

    We have a good team for the next edition.


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