What's the story behind the 10 Alumnus accounts? Dots and Boxes

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What's the story behind the 10 Alumnus accounts?
  • William Fraser ★ at 2014-05-14

    If you look at two of the May monthly cups something jumps out at you.....

  • Dryad at 2014-05-14

    “They” (or probably just “him”) seem to repeat what happened once in a GomokuMonthly

    The 10 accounts are probably registered for the championship as well, since the number of participants was much lower just a few days ago iirc. From what I’ve observed he seems to play quite well – maybe trying to monopolize the league 1 spots or something. o.o

  • Russ Williams at 2014-05-14

    I’m always baffled that some people do pointless ridiculous shenanigans like that apparently out of some bizarre fetishism for their rating or something.

  • William Fraser ★ at 2014-07-11

    chickenlord123 asked me to post the following, while he/she/it waits to become trustworthy:

    "Hi, this is the lord of the chicks speaking. i played that alumnus guy and defeated him XD now his troll is over xD BY THE WAY, WHO IS STRONG HERE? CHALLENGE ME"

  • Christian K at 2014-08-18

    I just had a bunch of these random accounts surrender to me in the may cup :s

  • chickenlord123 at 2014-08-20

    lol he quits the site because I OWNED him too hard XDDD

  • Alumnus Skarm at 2015-01-27

    fcrl chicknboy x_x gossipn much, ya dig?

  • chickenlord123 at 2015-01-29

    YOOOOO whas poppin pokeboy :DDD
    what gossip are ou talkin about? you’re buried right there next to the other dude:
    http://i.gyazo.com/4db823682f36f915f772d2174345409a.png XDDDDDDDD
     HAHAHA, are u gonna use the opportunity that I’m gone to make a comeback XD i mean you stand no chance against me LOL even tho ur good XD

  • diego44 at 2015-01-30

    I wonder why I have a game running against Alumnus Skarm? I have neither started it nor accepted any kind of invitation and also didn’t sign up for any tournament or rated games.

    Don’t want to accuse anyone but there is something wrong here.

  • Alumnus Skarm at 2015-01-30

    sorta obvious who started it tbh imo js x_x cluless fcrl or just ptending tb? buwevz one game aint killn so chill

  • diego44 at 2015-01-30

    Sorta obvious if pretenting or not to be honest in my opinion just saying. ;)

    It’s just that I fear some players mind games they haven’t agreed on.

  • Alumnus Skarm at 2015-01-31

    so yarn actrss ...boy. clarfyn much. ftnly fya i aint gleefll x_x
    bogus. just resign then smh x_x

  • chickenlord123 at 2015-02-01


    what a hilarious response, better than any reaction I had wished for XD Guess I got some nice bunch of high level games going, perfect, I love myself, best at provoking people XD

  • diego44 at 2015-02-05

    Yes, done.
    I would have played if you’d have let me the choice I guess.

  • Alumnus Skarm at 2015-02-07

    ksryre x_x i hereby ask u politely to play. please? iven letcho first to cmpnsate fya loss

  • chickenlord123 at 2015-06-04

    Congratulations to Alumnus Skarm for his victory against the legendary chickenlord: http://www.littlegolem.net/jsp/game/game.jsp?gid=1687880.

    As I have achieved a single loss it’s not really useful to stay on this site. Feel free to hack more games vs me, I won’t play them!

    Beside that I perfectly proved to be the superior player (take a closer look at move 22). Anyhow, thanks Alumnus for the interesting game.

    chickenlord, the legendary 21th century Dots and Boxes prodigy, inventor of the chickenwing, master of the opening, mid- and endgame, sole defeater of the Alumni army

  • Christian K at 2015-06-10

    I don’t understand. Did he plays your moves?

  • chickenlord123 at 2015-06-10

    No, he didn’t, although he was probably perfectly capable of.
    I just misclicked at move 22 and didn’t take the box.

  • Christian K at 2015-06-12

    So how did he hack? Is he a bad player?

  • ypercube at 2015-06-12

    Started as Chicken Lord.

    Finished as Superior Misclicker ;)

  • richyfourtytwo at 2015-06-12

    Miss Clickenlord!

  • Christian K at 2015-06-18

    lol finally chicken lord gets the trash talking he always wanted :p

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