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  • Sean_Hettenbach at 2015-05-20

    First off, Good luck to everyone competing in this championship! Super stoked to grind out some games and watch what happens with this championship. May everyone play at their fullest potential.

    And a special message to ya purge... I’m coming for ya. Hard work beats talent, so you have no room to slack off!;)

  • purgency at 2015-05-20

    Yo, welcome back :D

    Sounds good, I’m more happy than worried about that — I’ll gladly help you surpass me! Although I’m not the only one you should lay an eye on. :o

    Good luck to everyone competing.

  • gamesorry at 2015-05-20

    Good luck to everyone... My goal for now is only to stay in the second level ;)

  • Christian K at 2015-05-22

    Good luck guys :)

  • Christian K at 2015-09-27

    Rcongratulations to toch, is it known if it is a bot or not?

  • Loony at 2015-09-27

    Toch is a group of players. They try to use the best players for every game to ensure most victories.

    I don’t know if they use software in every game, some people said they don’t. But observing his playing style and skill level before they engaged a strong Dots player, I’d say they also use software at least in this game.

  • Christian K at 2015-10-21

    Well done Loony :)

  • Loony at 2015-10-21

    Thanks Christian!

    (although this is not the right thread about, I don’t mind :P)

    Seems like Toch was scared or lost the helping player... ^^

  • Polydarya at 2015-10-24

    Let me also join – congrats, Loony! :)
    (And it’s a certainly wrong topic to say that but sorry for timing out a couple of games.)

  • Loony at 2015-10-27

    Thanks to you as well, Polydarya! This win means quite a lot for me.

    Time outs are a bit sad, however, the most important thing is that you are still here! :)

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