I'm back baby:) Dots and Boxes

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I'm back baby:)
  • Sean_Hettenbach at 2015-12-02

        Hi there everybody. I want to first take the time for just disappearing for the past several months. Some events happened in my life that I had to focus on and take care of, so I had to take a leave from the site. Having said that, I’m finally at a point where I can put some time and effort back into playing the game I love. I’ll be playing games frequently and entering into the monthly cups and the championships. I have a lot I’d like to do with this and I hope that I can get some help with understanding the mechanics of dots and boxes, primarily with the end game, and theory on endgame positions, and how to play during certain situations. I will be working on an opening book, that once it’s finished, I will release to the community for use. This will be a long process and might take a year, but it will bear great fruits once it’s finished. I’m looking forward to playing again and wish the best best of luck to everyone in our future games! I’ve missed you guys!

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