help game DVONN-Full game :: #1665358 not displaying graphics TZAAR, DVONN, LYNGK

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help game DVONN-Full game :: #1665358 not displaying graphics
  • FingerPuppetsPullToy at 2015-03-01


  • William Fraser at 2015-03-01

    There seems to be a partial workaround given here:

  • Allan Mertner ★ at 2015-03-02

    That workaround seems to be for Hex only, not for Dvonn.

  • montyniko at 2015-03-05

    I have all my games with no graphics so can’t play.

    The page comes up, I choose any game but it’s not displayed> 4 days now>

    What do I do?

  • Carroll ★ at 2015-03-05

    You play based on move list, then add in the URL &game=xy then you’ll have the “Send Move” button available with a transcription of your move in English.
    Board is reversed so that ae is a1...

  • Carroll ★ at 2015-03-05

    Sorry is was of course &move=xy for a placement or &move=xyzt for a move eg:

  • Allan Mertner ★ at 2015-03-05

    Unfortunately knowing the notation does not help very much if you don’t know what the board currently looks like!
    I a running out of vacation days soon; hope it gets fixed before my games all time out...

  • Orbilin at 2015-03-08

    Very silly that 5=a, 4=b, 3=c, 2=d and 1=e, but anyway Carroll is right. I used dvonner to visualize the situation (set options to let you play both sides). I appended &move=fded to and the Send move button appeared. Challenging ;)

  • Orbilin at 2015-03-08

    If you want to be a winner, act like one! 8P

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