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Cameron Browne's book
  • Alan Turing at 2003-07-05

    I read Cameron Browne’s “Hex Strategy -- Making the Right Connections” a while ago, before I started playing Hex in earnest. Although the book has certainly helped me greatly in developing my play, I sometimes get the feeling that there are important gambits/strategies that Browne doesn’t mention. Does anyone else think so too? I know there are good players here, so it would be interesting to know what you think. Granted, the book talks mostly about 11x11 boards, while I’ve played on 10x10, 13x13 and 14x14 (since these are the formats available at different game sites), so that may explain some of the differences between the book and my experince of the game.

  • David J Bush at 2003-07-05

    Cameron’s book is more directed towards the game-theoretic aspects of Hex, rather than a tutorial on how to get strong at the game. Of course he left out a lot; it’s less than 400 pages. You could fill volumes with puzzles, joseki(local battle patterns), fuseki (openings), annotated games, discussion of positional “hand-holds and footholds” to recognize, etc. Puzzle 16 has arguably been cooked, although the way it was worded it does not say White will win the game. Several other puzzles have alternate move orders or completely different winning key moves. But it’s certainly still a valuable resource for learning.

  • Alan Turing at 2003-07-15

    I agree. Taking into consideration what a fascinating game Hex is, I find it strange that there isn’t more Hex strategy literature out there. There’s Browne’s book, David Boll’s FAQ, and not much more. Maybe a homepage with collections of joseki, fuseki &c would fill a need for many hex players?

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2003-07-17

    Cameron is preparing new book: <a href=‘’>Connection games

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