Forth CIJM Hex tornament in Paris, May 29 2016 Hex, Havannah

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Forth CIJM Hex tornament in Paris, May 29 2016
  • Giupiter at 2016-04-06

    Hello to every Hex players! If you live in Europe I want you to know that on May 29 in the early afternoon, there is going to be the forth edition of  Comité International des Jeux Mathématiques Hex tournament in Saint Sulpice square in Paris. As far as I know it’s the only “live” international tournament in Europe, and maybe the only all over the world. I and a friend of mine from Italy too, are going to take part in the tournament and we hope someone of you will join us there. Last year there were players from Poland, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Ukraine and of course from France. It was very nice and I would like more people to come this year, to let this tournament grew and to “push” a little bit our so beautiful but so little known game of Hex. 

    Tony, Benno, Mikael, what about you? Are you coming? 


  • broutcha at 2016-04-13

    I went last year, it was very nice! I think there were about 24 players or so, we did 4 pools of 6 with the first two of each pool qualifying for quarterfinals.

    I can’t make it this year but I recommend it to anyone!

    It made me improve my Hex game a lot when I went back online. Which is surprising, kind of. Playing live is quite different from turn-by-turn (esp. with powerful tools like

    If enough littlegolem players are coming, I suggest to get in touch with the organizers beforehand to try and introduce a seeding pool, based on LG ranking and/or previous tournament results — this will avoid early “clash of titans” :-)

  • Richard Moxham at 2016-04-13

    I know very little about Hex, but having thought pretty continuously about the tournament issue for about half a century, I’ve come to the firm conclusion that that formats which allow the possibility of early titanic clashes are the best.

  • Giupiter at 2016-04-13

    Hello broutcha, how are you?! It’s a pity you won’t be there! Richard I agree with you, formats that allow early titanic clashes are the best ;) But you know, it must be very hard to make, let’s say 1 thousand kilometers to get to Paris and be kicked off the tournament in a couple of games. Anyway I’m in touch with one of the organizers, if anybody has questions or suggestions I can report to him ;) 

  • David J Bush at 2016-04-15

    Well I regret that I cannot attend this year but I hope to someday.

  • Giupiter at 2016-04-16

    Hello David, I’m sorry you can’t come, I hope too we can play in front of a real Hex board someday :) ... as far as you know, no Hex “live” tournaments in the US?

  • Bandoum at 2016-05-29

    Aaaah! This looks sooooo fun!!! I wish there were live hex tournaments in Los Angeles. My parents would never let me go to France to participate in a tournament.

  • Baggins at 2016-06-01

    I was there and it was really nice to meet other players.

    I lost in the beginning against Giupiter, and he won the tournament in the end. Congratulations to him! I still have a lot to learn.

    We were 30: 12 less than 14 years old and 18 other 14 years old.
    Maybe next year there will be more people, I think I’ll be there again.

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