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Hex Tournament in Paris is on
  • bennok at 2016-05-29

    The tournament is right now! Good luck to all participants this year.
    Haven’t had any news: does any one know who’s playing ?

    Florian Jamain maybe and broutcha ? I know pim and Tony didn’t go this year either.

  • David J Bush at 2016-05-29

    This year I hope they are using a longer time control than 5 minutes per player per game.

  • Giupiter at 2016-06-01

    Hi Benno, Hi David! It was really a pity you didn’t come this year Benno, I hoped there were more players from Little Golem but there were less!  Neither broutcha could be there. 16 players from France, me and Cosimo from Italy took part in the tournament. Among the French players there was Florian who’s over 2000 pts here on LG, but I was lucky and I won with him in the middle of the tournament, so it was quite easy for me to get to the final game where I won against my Italian friend :) 

    But, really, for me was better last year! I thought a real big Hex tournament could take place there in Paris. But it seems Hex players prefer to play their game in front of their desktops. I’m so disappointed :(

    Anyway, have fun everybody!

    Ciao David, ciao Benno!

  • Florian Jamain at 2016-06-02


    The problem of this tournament is not only the time, 5 minutes per player per game is a little ridiculous for sure, but the biggest problem for me is the size of the board.

    The tournament is played on 11x11 board. On this size, every single move is very very important, you can lose the game in 3 or 4 moves, you need to be very precise. The game is not at all strategical, it is just a tactical game, but you have only 5 minutes to play a tactical game... this is a non sense, if you don’t know the oppening, you are lost. Personnaly, playing only on LG on 13x13 or 19x19, I don’t know anything about 11x11 oppenings.

    It is like if someone says “we gonna play a football game, in a 3 minutes match, on a ground of 15m”... There, with friends, maybe we can beat world champions :D

    The finals is played on 14x14 with 10 minutes per player, it would be so great if all the tournament was played on this size and time. For me it is perfect size to play both strategical and tactical game, and the time is finally a blitz but still correct since the game is strategical.

    Well done Giu (-;

    See you next year my friend !

  • wccanard at 2016-06-02

    From a practical point of view maybe they knew that each game could take no longer than 10 minutes (because of the number of games they needed to play) and they figured that 13x13 would be too big a board for this time limit? I would imagine that organising an event like this is complex and it’s not always possible to accommodate the views of all players.

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