Abstract games tournament with connection games Hex, Havannah

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Abstract games tournament with connection games
  • tangram at 2016-06-04

    Hi all,

    on July 9 th i organise an few abstract game tournament. Each tournament has 3 rounds, 20 min pp.

    place Old Catholic ShelterChurch, Papenpad 13 Zaandam the netherlands

    11:00 Dvonn or Chess variants

    13:15 connection games or Superchess

    15:30 Shogi or Hive

    in the evening you can learn new games like the gipf games, mancala or connection games like trax, loa.tayu etc.

    The connection games tournament has hex, twixt and havannah.each 1 round. Prize for the winner.

    Zaandam is near Amsterdam. Tell us if you want to participate.

  • tangram at 2016-07-09

    The connection tournament was won by Fred Kok with a narrow victory  against Gerard Mulder.

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