Let's have a regular hex meeting at iggamecenter? Hex, Havannah

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Let's have a regular hex meeting at iggamecenter?
  • urmaul at 2016-07-08

    iggamecenter.com is the most active real-time hex place that I know of. Which doesn’t mean much, unfortunately.

    I like the idea of having a, perhaps weekly, time and date where one is guaranteed to meet some other hex players, there.

    Who else is interested? Which would be good days and times for you? Almost anything would be ok for me.

    Inspired by some recent thread, we could play Y, too (but not TwixT since it allows draws ;-)).

  • wccanard at 2016-07-08

    I’m in!

  • urmaul at 2016-07-08

    Well that’s a start. I forgot: Times between 0:00 and 8:00 UTC are not ok for me. But other than that I’m flexible. For now I propose saturday 20:00 UTC.

  • wccanard at 2016-07-08

    I won’t be there for all of them (family commitments) but I can surely make some of them. Someone can bump the thread each Sat?

  • urmaul at 2016-07-08

    Is there a day that suits you better than Saturday? Yeah, bumping the thread might be a good idea. (I won’t be able to access this forum for the next 7 hours or so)

  • wccanard at 2016-07-09

    No day suits me — I am very busy in real life with work and childcare; I will make it when I can. You could ask the same question to the top players though.

  • Arek Kulczycki at 2016-07-09

    I sometimes show up on iggamecenter but no earlier than 21:00 UTC, usually 22:00 UTC. My nickname there is hextreme in case you want to play.

  • urmaul at 2016-07-09

    "no earlier than 21:00 UTC, usually 22:00 UTC" - Bummer. Especially since, when I wrote "Times between 0:00 and 8:00 UTC are not ok for me", I made multiple mistakes: "between 21:30 and 6:00 UTC" would be more accurate.

  • David J Bush at 2016-07-09

    I like this idea a lot. I work five nights a week around 2300 to 0900 UTC. I sleep from 1400 to 2200 UTC. So roughly 0900 to 1400UTC mon-fri and for longer stretches on the weekends. My handle on iggamecenter is Peyrol.

    But before you completely dismiss other servers, you should know that Ludoteka has a Hex tournament each Wednesday around 1900 UTC. It’s 11x11 and the time control is 1 minute to make all your moves plus 7 seconds increment per move. It’s double elimination but even if you lose twice you might be recalled if you hang around. The final game determines the champion. For example, if A loses to B in an early round but then defeats B in the final round, A is the champion even if that was B’s first loss. Ludoteka also does Havannah tournaments on Fridays.

    Board Game Arena allows paid members (of which I am one) to hold tournaments. Both real time and turn based play are supported. Board sizes are 11x11, 14x14, and 15x15. So, if there is interest, I could host a tournament there.

  • urmaul at 2016-07-09

    Good to know that there is a weekly hex tournament on Ludoteka. I see that there have always been around 5 players recently, which isn’t too bad. Unfortunately I’m already occupied with Go on Wednesday evenings, but this may change soon.

    I just registered at Board Game Arena... and got a game of hex within a minute or so! This didn’t repeat itself, but it seems more active than iggamecenter regarding hex.

    I like how the highest rated players are named “twixter” and “peyrol” :-)

  • David J Bush at 2016-07-09

    Yeah those must be a couple of really strong players.

  • Giupiter at 2016-07-10

    Hi I’m interested too. In my opinion best options will be playing a tournament here on LG, or on BGA ;) Ciao, let me know!

  • urmaul at 2016-07-19

    I’m not sure whether this is the correct forum – but it seems we need one more player in this BGA tournament: http://en.boardgamearena.com/#!tournament?id=5917

  • lazyplayer at 2016-07-24

    I vote for IGG too, i’m there evening european time! Please come! :)

  • lazyplayer at 2016-08-31

    Turns out it is impossible to find ourselves at IGG at same time and with same willingness to play... oops

    I’ve decided to give a try to infinity hex tournaments here at LG, and i invite all players there! :)

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