Game 1789619 Arek vs Maciej Hex, Havannah

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Game 1789619 Arek vs Maciej
  • Bill LeBoeuf ★ at 2016-09-12

    I really enjoyed following this game.  Many of the moves are not obvious.  I was surprised it ended when it did as it still seemed quite complicated.

    I would be appreciative if you all would care to comment on your game.    


  • lazyplayer at 2016-09-12

    Bill, i was chatting with Arek about it... he wanted to analyze black I4 instead of black L4...

    On bottom left It is very confusing mess because of b10 and d12, and we also agreed that d12 seems crazy...

  • Bill LeBoeuf ★ at 2016-09-13

    Yes, I also wondered about L4.

    With D12 , I even wondered if Maciej were making a Joke: "if you can play B10, then I can play D12 :)

  • tasuki at 2016-09-22

    An exciting game, I’d also appreciate a commentary!

    I don’t see how the end position is a win for white. The sequence I see: black c8, white b9, black c9 ... what then?

    1. if white e7, then black c7
    2. if white c7, then black e7

    Actually, I’d really enjoy any commented games by the top players!

  • Bill LeBoeuf ★ at 2016-09-24

    tasuki, and what after white d7 ?

  • lazyplayer at 2016-09-30

    A related game is this:

    To be honest, both I6 and D11 are very doubtful... about I6, a similar but seemingly better is J5...

    We’ll comment more when game ends :)

    P.S: someone should type the games on trmph so we can play and share the lines...

  • lazyplayer at 2016-09-30

    I also think E4 is illogical and presumably wrong, but maybe J9 is not the best attempt at refutation...

    H6 i used to think was too weak on right side, but after playing black, i think it is an interesting try for white.

  • Arek Kulczycki at 2016-10-02

    Ok so the basis of both those games is an opening that I came up with, let’s call it Arek’s opening... ;) 
    In truth I don’t know yet if this is a valid opening because I’ve lost a couple of games doing it outwardly correct way. However, there are positive signs that maybe I just blunder middle games.

    It is a way to play against m1/a13 and starts with: Arek’s opening.

    The idea for black is to follow with moves c4, g4 and b10 in an order that depends on white’s play.

    Each corner joseki is to be figured out by the player each game. For example I think I played wrong in the mentioned game against lazyplayer. Probably the correct way was: correctway?.
    I doubt i6 should be addressed immediately – i5 and h7 should not be played. Another thing that I have discarded in the past is 
    stuffkilledbyL8 because black L8 later is way too strong. An option that I like and have not discarded yet is whatanonsensetry, someone interested could try and explore it.

  • Arek Kulczycki at 2016-10-02

    Oh, this site awkwardly inserted way more links than I put into the editor. Sorry for the mess.

  • lazyplayer at 2016-10-02

    Arek, it’s impossible to understand many of the things that you were trying to say...

    Anyway, i think I6 is just a poor try, take a look at J5, it should be a relatively “clean” refutation of “your” opening...

    There can be many variations but the key should be this

  • lazyplayer at 2016-10-02

    The “idea” i had when i played I6 is that all simpler moves “clearly” lose, and i had to play a “magic” move that does a little bit of everything... but i would say, i had missed the potential of J5 to do something good and to do it without going into hard positions...

  • lazyplayer at 2016-10-02

    Maciej’s way of playing it is also very “clean”, and he goes directly for what I’ve called the “key” plan. I think probably it’s as good as my J5 proposal.

  • lazyplayer at 2016-10-02

    Game with Maciej was all simple and sensible until he went into confusing territory with his D12...

    But I’ve failed to come up with sensible plan against B10, so i don’t feel confident to suggest alternatives...

  • lazyplayer at 2016-10-02

    Shalev’s try is also interesting and very simple. Indeed it’s surely the simplest.

  • Arek Kulczycki at 2016-10-03

    Hex isn’t as simple as,m1e4j9h6j5i7k6j8k8k7l6l7i8j7h7i6g6g7e8f7e6e7c8d7b7 :)

    I see it going more like,m1e4j9h6j5j11k11d12d11e11c12e10d10k10

    Game against Maciej is another story, I can find at least two obvious imperfections in my play there, but I leave that for later full analysis.

  • lazyplayer at 2016-10-03

    Arek, the thing of J5 is that it provides more threats for black than i6... far more... for example against d12, we may try this:,m1e4j9h6j5j11k11d12i7

  • Arek Kulczycki at 2016-10-05

    I thought that k4 was doing better,m1e4j9h6j5j11k11d12i7k4
    but no, g8 kills it.

    So you’re right that d12 loses straight away, but k4 may be a big challenge for black in other circumstances,m1e4j9h6j5j11k11i10k10j12k12k4

  • Arek Kulczycki at 2016-10-05

    Indeed I think 5.j5 is a losing move

    while 5.i6 I don’t have opinion

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