John Nash apparently did not independently invent Hex Hex, Havannah

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John Nash apparently did not independently invent Hex
  • David J Bush ★ at 2017-01-01

    If true, many descriptions of Hex around the Net should be edited. Without more solid references, such action would likely generate lots of controversy. If you, dear reader, happen to know more about this, or can afford to access the ICGA journal, 38:2, pp.126-7, any verifiable detail would be appreciated.

  • urmaul at 2017-01-03

    Maybe you can ask the author of the ICGA journal article, I understand he’s also the referee of the “LAST POST new year forum game”.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2017-01-12


    the paragraphs under question are part of my obituary for John Nash (who died in May 2015).

    You can find photos of the part in the following link:

    To make things clear: I did not do research by myself, but got information fom Ryan Hayward (Edmonton; the leader of the MoHex team, amongst other things).

    When you want to read the full obituary or other interesting stuff in the ICGA Journal, you should become a member of the ICGA. It is not so expensive: 40 Euro per year – and includes the ICGA Journal (about 240 pages per year in 4 issues).


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