Jhex: an offline alternative for analysis Hex, Havannah

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Jhex: an offline alternative for analysis
  • David J Bush ★ at 2017-11-13

    Another option for viewing the game is Jhex.  It’s a Java app for offline analysis. You won’t be able to directly share your findings with anyone who doesn’t have Jhex, BUT you can examine and store an entire game tree with optional comments at any node. Another nice feature is, if you label the leaf nodes as winning, advantage, disadvantage, or losing, Jhex will automatically evaluate the parent nodes accordingly. You can see the next moves that you looked at from any position, labeled with up or down pointing triangles.  Jhex has no Hex engine. Here is the popup window for importing text from LG:

    LG import works just fine, Either by pasting text or from a file, even for games with swap, although the swapped games are a mirror image of LG with the opposite colors. A workaround is to set two different colors from black and white.

  • Tom Ace at 2017-11-13

    JHex is a nice tool.  I use it a lot.  

    As an alternative to using JHex’s import feature, I offer a server at http://minortriad.com/golem2hgt.html that converts an LG Hex game to a file in JHex’s own Hex game tree (.hgt) format.  It doesn’t mirror the board when there’s a swap.  It can also convert a trmph.com URL to an .hgt file.  It’s easy to use, instructions are on the page.

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