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Hex strategy book
  • HappyHippo at 2019-01-08

    Here it is

    I mentioned in a previous thread that I was working on a book on hex strategy. I don’t want to say that it’s completely finished, but it’s finished enough to post.

    There’s a lot of hex knowledge that many of the players here clearly know, but which hasn’t been written down in a systematic way anywhere. My goal here is to make that information available to everybody. The book starts at the novice level and gets progressively more advanced. I would guess that players up to around the 2050 level could learn something from this.

    Please note that all the diagrams in the book are interactive: you can try out variations on the boards, and moves in the text are linked to the diagrams.

    The book is best viewed on a desktop or laptop; it should work on mobile, but there’s not a lot of room on a cellphone screen to fit diagrams

    Comments/suggestions welcome

  • Galdian at 2019-01-08

    Can’t find the words, how much I admire you and your work!
    And now I also can’t find any excuses to be such a weak Hex player, will have to read it through and through and aim for better results ;)

  • gzero_bot at 2019-01-08

    Yes WOW!  This is amazing, really looking forward to reading this (well me, not the bot).  Thanks so much! 

  • Force majeure at 2019-01-08

    Looks amazing, looking forward to learn something new!

  • struggler at 2019-01-08

    Just WOW!!!

    From the programist side – how (with what language/library/framework) did you do that cool interactive graphs?

  • HappyHippo at 2019-01-08

    Thanks everyone

    struggler: no libraries or frameworks. The diagrams are svgs, you can attach DOM event listeners (such as onclick) to svg elements, the rest is handled in javascript. The diagrams themselves are generated by a python script I wrote.

  • blikdak at 2019-01-08

    Cool! Thanks so much for making this available.

  • eobllor at 2019-01-08

    Impressive! In particular, very nice diagrams and clear (at least those read) explanations!

  • Arek Kulczycki at 2019-01-09

    Excellent work HappyHippo! The paper is truely neat and beautiful!

    I’ve seen only Basic Concepts chapter so far, but in particular I love the Interior Templates paragraph where you have used some nice names to use in future.

    I also like how White is “her” :)

  • Christian K at 2019-01-09

    Very impressive, good job.

  • HappyHippo at 2019-01-09

    I should thank Tom Ace for inspiring me to write this. Way back in 2013, Tom posted a thread suggesting that a book be written about Hex. I thought it was a great idea and even started writing a bit at the time, but I had a phd to work on so I put it aside. I finished my dissertation in August 2017 and started writing again in my spare time until I finished it late this fall. After some proofreading I put it online. It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years since Tom posted that thread!

  • Giupiter at 2019-01-09

    Bravo HappyHippo, really a great job!!!

  • David J Bush ★ at 2019-01-09

    I use Linux Mint 19 64-bit. The interactive moves and cells work for me on Chromium, but not on Firefox 64.0 64-bit. I have the Script Safe extension on Firefox, but I clicked to trust mseymout.ca If there is some way I can send you diagnostic information, for example with Web Inspector or debugger, please let me know.

    Great work BTW!

  • David J Bush ★ at 2019-01-09

    mseymour.ca sorry

  • HappyHippo at 2019-01-09

    Thanks for the info, I sent you a followup message

  • Carroll ★ at 2019-01-10

    Thank you for this amazing book !

    @David, the interactive diagrams work for me on Firefox 64.0 64-bit with NoScript allowing mseymour.ca.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2019-01-10

    Thanks to Happy Hippo’s help, the move lists and board cells are now clickable for me.

    BUT I noticed a minor issue with the buttons on the side. The C button looks okay, but the other four are all black (or ghosted grey where appropriate.) Their mouseover text works, though. Maybe I need to install some special font?

  • David J Bush ★ at 2019-01-10

    Uh sorry that issue is unique to me and will be resolved soon.

  • HappyHippo at 2019-01-10

    David, the issue due to the test page I sent you having a different url (hexstrat0_test.html) than an internal style reference (hexstrat0.html#markerArrow). This shouldn’t be an issue when I put out the update.

  • shalev at 2019-01-10

    Great work, this is awesome!

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