Championship predictions Hex, Havannah

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Championship predictions
  • Force majeure at 2020-01-15

    Based on Monte-Carlo simulation, below are top5 rated players and their theoretical chances to win the 23rd Havannah Championship (probability of win in each game is implied from the LG’s  rating formula):70%  eobllor11%  54668%    Force Majeure6%    Mirko Rahn2%    Sol

  • struggler at 2020-01-15

    Cool :P

  • lorentz at 2020-01-15

    Is 5466 a bot?

  • Clark94 at 2020-01-15

    RE: Lorentz.

    Im not sure if 5466 is human or not but I was able to defeat 5466 in the current amazons championship. 5466 does have the highest amazons rating by a big margin however.

  • fritzd ★ at 34 hours ago

    5466 has been around much longer than the NN bots. I’m 99.9% sure he is very much human!

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