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Real Live Twixt Tournament in Berlin, Germany
  • technolion at 2009-02-02

    Hey everybody,

    in the last couple of years sadly we did not manage to organize a real life twixt tournament in Germany.

    Our current No. 6 and fellow Twixt player Micha proposed another attempt. And this time I am pretty confident, that it will be realised and a success!

    How big of a success depends on YOU!

    So far we already set the date and the location and an initial group of players already said, they’ll come.

    So, please mark May 16th/17th 2009 in your calendar and check whether you can come. The event will take place in Berlin, Germany. The tournament is open for everybody – we expect the German Twixt elite, but would be extremely happy to welcome foreign players as well! Berlin is worth a journey anyways!

    Please stay tuned for a tournament website where more details will be published.

    Tom & Micha.

  • Tim at 2009-02-02

    Tom & Micha, thanks for ignition! :) I’ll be there.

  • Klaus Hußmanns at 2009-02-02

    Hi Tom, hi Micha, thanks for this good idea! I will be there too!

  • David J Bush ★ at 2009-02-02

    Wow, if only I had the money, I know where I would go: Berlin May 16-17, and then Granollers (near Barcelona) May 23-24 for the Hex tournament. What a great time that would be! Maybe I could sell my car...

  • Ed Collins at 2009-02-02

    But David, if you sold your car, how would get to all of the Twixt tournaments here in the USA?

    Oh, wait a minute... there are no Twixt tournaments here in the USA.

    Maybe we pack up our things and just MOVE to Europe. (ypercube thinks I should be living in Greece.)

  • Robert Irvin at 2009-02-02

    Knowing that I can’t afford that kind of trip almost makes me want to cry :-( Maybe we should lobby the State department to pay for that kind of trip in the interest of foreign board-gaming relations.

  • Ed Collins at 2009-02-02

    Where do I sign?

  • passenger at 2009-02-02

    It’s very possible that I can be there. I live 150 km from Berlin so if I only have time then I’ll come:)

  • Marius Halsor ★ at 2009-02-03

    Sell your car, David! Play Twixt and Hex, AND you’ll save the environment as well! (I’ll just pretend I “forget” the CO2 emmisions from flying to Europe and back)

  • micha at 2009-02-03

    I think David should his car. He will live to rue it ;-)

  • technolion at 2009-02-03

    @David, Ed & Robert: Ask Obama – AFAIK he want’s to spend a lot of money to push the economy :)

    @Passenger: Would be great, if you can make it. Would love to play against you on a real board :)

  • Kd Hoffmann at 2009-02-03

    This is great news!
    Time to face the Big Boys in Twixt – and meet Klaus Hussmanns again after about 20 years.
    Count me in!

  • spd_iv at 2009-02-03

    Nice idea, we have about 550km from Pionki, but my two brothers want to visit Spain to play hex, so im not sure if we will have enough many to came to Berlin.

  • Steven at 2009-02-25

    Micha, thanks for the invite. I blew my vacation this year and wasted it here in Barbados on the sunny beaches. What a mistake that was!

    David, et al,
    We need to find a philanthropist game player to feel sorry for us and send us all to Berlin.

    Does Bill G. game???

  • David J Bush ★ at 2009-02-25

    Bill plays Bridge with his pal Warren Buffet. Maybe if someone wrote a Twixt app for Bill’s toy Surface, more people would play.

  • Kd Hoffmann at 2009-03-24

    Any news about the planned tournament?

  • technolion at 2009-03-28

    Yes! Finally the webpage is ready:

  • David J Bush ★ at 2009-03-28

    I like the graphics and the home page! But some more details would be helpful. For example, will there be a time control implemented with game clocks? What type of tournament will it be- round robin? Swiss system? Elimination? Will sets be provided? That sort of thing.

    I guess the answer to the above questions may depend on the turnout. Unless I win the lottery, I regret I won’t be attending this year. But the more details you provide, the more likely you may be to attract new players.

    Good luck to you!

  • technolion at 2009-03-30

    Thanks for you feedback, David! Also thanks for the resources you provided.
    We will fill in more details soon. But first we need a few more applications to plan the size of the tournament. So, please use that contact form. :)

  • Maciej Celuch at 2009-05-15

    I and my brother (spd_iv) have a request. We will go to the Twixt tournament in Berlin, and have few vacation days remain. If you could wait one or two days before making a move we will be grateful.

  • wccanard at 2009-05-15

    You’ll be able to play moves using other people’s cell phones ;-)

  • David J Bush ★ at 2009-05-17

    I heard the Berlin tournament was canceled. But there is no mention on the page nor has any announcement been made here.

  • na_wspak at 2009-05-18

    yes, and my brothers were informed about it just after they came to the place...

  • ypercube at 2009-05-18

    Oh boy!

  • micha at 2009-05-18

    Yes, the tournament was canceled. Unfortunately too little participants! But Maciej Celuch (nie_wiesz) and his brother Micha (spd_iv) came to Berlin although and we had with playing Twixt a lot of fun. We will try again to organize a Twixt Tournament in the future. @David: If you come to Berlin, I have a good reason to improve my sick english ;-)

  • technolion at 2009-05-18

    We waited until the last moment, because we hoped that there will come some last minute applications.
    If nie_wisz and spd_iv would have told us earlier, that they will come, then probably 4 other other players would have come, too.

    Sorry, for not updating yet...

  • spd_iv at 2009-12-09

    is it possible to organised a Twixt tournament in Berlin on May, June or July 2010?

  • Florian Jamain at 2013-12-11

    Or maybe 2014? (-;

  • spd_iv at 2013-12-11

    i would love to take a part in a Twixt meeting with some top players. I can try to organise it in Warsaw but i think better place is somewhere in Germany :)

  • Florian Jamain at 2013-12-11

    Or in Paris :P

    But yeah ! Could be great (-;

  • diego44 at 2013-12-11

    Berlin would be the perfect place, I think.. :p

  • Florian Jamain at 2013-12-11

    Okay for Berlin, warf :P

  • spd_iv at 2013-12-11

    ok for Berlin too :)

  • mtbikesman at 2013-12-11

    It’s a bit of a drive from the L.A. area so I think I may pass.

  • diego44 at 2013-12-11

    So, any volunteers for organizing the tournament? :D
    If yes, I hope it will be open for everybody, because I’m really not the TwixT elite..

  • Florian Jamain at 2013-12-11

    Without TwixT commentator, maybe there is no TwixT elite anymore :P

  • spd_iv at 2013-12-11

    There is one guy.. Klaus, and maybe Gyorgy, David, Maraca.. and Maciek. Im sure that it would be hard for me to win with them without TwixT commentator ;)

    When i play with my brother (not very often) i can win 1 max 2 games for every 5 we play, but sometimes there are evenings where he is beating me in every single game :P

  • diego44 at 2013-12-11

    As for me I’ve never played on a real board. :o

  • Mirko Rahn at 2013-12-11

    i’m in. i’m fine with berlin, i would love to come to warsaw, paris is quite around the corner.

  • Florian Jamain at 2013-12-11

    But Paris is nice, you could all come in holidays, you are my guests (-;

    If it is Berlin, I’ll come of course. That’s true, it is more in the center of Europe.

  • Mirko Rahn at 2013-12-11

    florian, i cannot understand the meaning of that smiley, BUT, if i try, i see that we have our volunteer! very good, thank you. what we need is a place to sleep, say for 3 nights, a place to play from 11am to 8pm local time, say for 6 parallel games and a schedule including events like sightseeing, sports and night life.

  • diego44 at 2013-12-11

    I will be in Paris from dec 29 until jan 4. ^^
    But I guess that’s not a good date..

  • technolion at 2013-12-13

    I have got at least 4 TwixT sets which I bought from eBay in 2009 when we were thinking about organizing it the first time. I even still own the domain which I got for that reason...

  • Florian Jamain at 2013-12-13

    And I have 2 TwixT boards. I think it makes 6, Mirko can be happy :P

  • spd_iv at 2013-12-13

    we have one too :)

  • David J Bush ★ at 2014-01-04

    Oh so you would let me crash at your place Florian? :-) A very bold and magnanimous gesture on your part. Regrettably 2014 is uncertain for me, but 2015 is much more hopeful.

    Is Hamburg still a possibility?

  • richyfourtytwo at 2014-01-05

    Hamburg? Did anyone mention that? That’s where I live. I’m an extremely bad Twixt player, but I have a board and could possibly find a room to play in. :-)

  • Flemming Jensen ★ at 2014-02-06

    Hello all

    Berlin or Hamburg, either would be fine for me, depending on the date off course. I have an old US made board from the sixties.

    regards Flemming

  • tangram at 2014-05-17

    How about First week in oktober in Zaandam ( near Amsterdam)? Because i organise à few other abstract tournaments like Hive and Superchess that weekend. Maybe a mini mindsports olympiad.

    If there are 4 players, à twixt tournament Will be held.

    Tournament played in a monumental church.

  • mtbikesman at 2014-05-17

    We should hold it in southern California where it is extremely unlikely it will be rained out.

    But, in California it would be very likely it would be taxed in some fashion.

    I also have a Twixt board set from the early 1970’s

  • DrJochum ★ at 2017-10-07

    Did this tournament actually take place?
    Have there been any other over the board tournaments (apart from the MSO) in the past?

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