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Missing Players
  • Yibyab at 2013-11-21

    Does anyone worry about players who go MIA? I realize there’s more to life than TwixT, and I don’t wonder about those who finish out their games and just don’t enter into new contests when they go on a break. I can’t help but worry a little when a long time competitive player just disappears and forfeits a bunch of games. Most likely it’s nothing, but given how many of us are proud of our rating, it seems odd that one might walk away and take a time-out beating.

    I think there’s a bit of community here, and some of you know of each other in Real Life or via other forums. I always wondered where Klaus went, and now Robert Irvin has me worried.

    Should I be?

  • MarleysGhost at 2013-11-21

    “Collateral damage” of a drone strike?

    Kidnapped by the CIA?

    All communications rerouted to NSA headquarters?

    Dropped all game play to concentrate on reforming the European Parliament?

    Wife found out how much time he was spending on LG?

  • iwin at 2013-11-21

    ...or that other thing?

  • MisterCat at 2013-11-21

    Well, Yib, I understand your worry. Then again, Bush went AOL for around a year, and is back in full swing! My pal Upendra does this a lot as well. But these examples don’t prove a rule, and I’m with you entirely in hoping all is OK with missing players. Personally I’d be delighted if players who wish to vanish would simply TELL somebody – and then, vanish away.

  • mtbikesman at 2013-11-22

    I vanished for three hours once and not even one person gave a damn.

  • elroy at 2013-12-03

    I actually worry some also Yibyab. I wonder about this stuff ever since a few years back when CSM’s wife got on LG and let the community know that he had actually died and that she knew his rating had meant a lot to him. I only knew him through LG but we chatted a great deal during our games and it struck me hard to hear that he had passed. I don’t even know where he lived, what his full name was or anything about him really but I liked our discussions and I liked playing Twixt with him. He could have lived in the next town over from me or at the other end of the continent. These cyber relationships are strange and I can’t make out how to even classify a relationship that is exclusively derived from online encounters. I know it gave me great pause to think about and I know that if Twixtbot dies in some horrible, fiery server disaster I will merely raise an eyebrow.

  • Steven at 2014-06-26

    This is an interesting topic.  I contacted David Bush while he was on hiatus from LG and he was kind enough to reply.  I’m also glad to see him back even if he has kicked my butt the last few games.
    Like Elroy, I’ve developed some friendships here and even made contact once or twice outside the game.

    Anyone interested in keeping track, I can be found on Facebook as Steve Med.

  • D Crowe at 2015-07-01

    Just reading through these past posts and wonder what happened to the player Yibyab who ironically started this thread on MIA players? Alooooong time ago I I used to play over at Twixtlive and visit occasionally just to see what people are talking about that are there nowadays. I see that the player here named Mountbikesman (sp?) refers to him quite a bit there, quite reverently. So out of that thought and this thread and his high score here anyone one know what happened to him?

  • Robert Irvin at 2015-07-02

    For what it’s worth (not much), Robert Irvin is back after surviving an alien abduction...

  • Steven at 2015-09-10

    Robert!  Glad to see you back!

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