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  • Robert Irvin at 2015-07-06

    When did it start taking so long for tournaments to start? It seems like it’s been 3-4 days since I registered and I’m running out of games. Anyone feel free to invite me to one.

  • MisterCat at 2015-07-06

    Well, Robert:no new championship until the current one totally finishes (only ONE section left, at this point); no new monthly cup until the section you are starting fills up with players (don’t look at me; I’m not up for another thrashing right now); the INFINITY sections DO keep chugging along, so if you are in that now, you should expect a game there before too long (unfortunately, a bunch of folks kept their names registered but stopped playing, and as a result, you may be paired with a NON-player and have to wait a month for the game to be forfeit).Why not challenge Bikesman to some games?  I love seeing him get beat (badly) and will be rooting for you!(meow)

  • Robert Irvin at 2015-07-07

    I dunno. He’s been getting better while I’ve been getting rusty. It will probably take me a while to get on that level again.

  • MisterCat at 2015-07-07

    You are 11 and 1 since your return; I’m not seeing all that much ‘rust’.

  • Robert Irvin at 2015-07-07

    That 1 was mtbikesman lol

  • mtbikesman at 2015-07-08

    Why does everyone love seeing me suffer.  What ever happened to respect for your elders?

  • Robert Irvin at 2015-07-08

    It’s hanging out with Chivalry hunting for dodo-birds lol

  • MisterCat at 2015-07-08

    Bikesman has some sort of psycho-sexual ‘thing’ going on with Twixt; dunno – maybe because the board is full of holes, or something. 24 × 24 =  676; 672 if you exclude the four corners.  They are all ‘conquests’ to him.  >> oo <<  

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2015-07-13

    24 × 24 – 4 = 576 - 4 = 572

  • MisterCat at 2015-07-13

    should have used calculator; brain cells going fast. meowie!

  • MisterCat at 2015-07-14

    And, Mr. Devil - you haven’t played much TwixT in a while; why not join the current monthly cup, to get it started?  There’s a pretty strong group waiting there, and Florida Irvin is getting pretty antsy to play some games (thus, he started this thread!).  Beat him NOW, while he’s rusty and his brains are getting fried in the 95 degree weather!

  • MisterCat at 2015-07-14

    Nevermind; they got it started! <(oo)>

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2015-07-15

    I’m kind of waiting for the go championship to finish and watch the level disappear from my profile, and then leave LG for good.

  • MisterCat at 2015-07-15

    Your a good player, Tas, and make good remarks as well.  I remember our one game, where you convincingly demolished me.  Hate to see you go, but in all fairness, you would not be the first to disappear from here.  I understand – life goes on, things change, etc., etc..  Happens to us all, actually.  and (meow)

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