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Klaus Hußmanns
  • iwin at 2015-09-05

    Does anyone have an update about this exceptionally talented player? I studied his game play to no end to gain insight when I first started this game. I fear his rating chart does not bode well and I fear another scenario like CSM.  Is there anything positive out there in TwixT-Land?

  • William Fraser ★ at 2015-09-05

    Because he hasn’t logged on in over a year, I was unable to find him using the player search.  To save people the trouble, I found his info page via the list of prior champions.

  • MisterCat at 2015-09-05

    Klaus kicked the living excrement out of me the few times we played.  However, the top players WERE catching on, and it was not unusual at all for him to take losses against Bush, Hensel, etc.
    Does that mean he gave up because he was no longer the champion??  I do not know, but folks DO sometimes give up endeavors when they have been surpassed.
    Or, there COULD be health issues, life issues, etc., none of which are REALLY OUR BUSINESS, but, certainly I agree that we all wish his return.
    I think that the best bet might be D. Bush who, I believe, MET HIM at a TwixT championship and came up with him on this site.  Perhaps he might answer this question.  Or, perhaps Klaus himself might answer this question.
    Note that KH is NOT the only EXCELLENT PLAYER who has given up playing games at this site.  People are people, you know, and sometimes they choose to move on.  Personally, I hope to be here for the rest of my life; others may not share that viewpoint.
    Let’s hope for the best.(meow)

  • David J Bush at 2015-09-07

    Yes I met Klaus at the 2008 (2009?) MSO in London. He and I played probably hundreds of games on the Gamerz site, since before it had a graphics interface, and then here on LG. His record against me on both sites was about twice as many wins as losses. I don’t know what is up with him these days. I emailed him recently, but I’m not sure if I reached him. I miss my friend and I hope he’s okay.

  • Steven at 2015-09-10

    I played many games against  him as well and enjoyed them immensely.  I was inspired by his moves to think of the idea that lead me to the Medcalf defense.  I pray that he is well.

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