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  • David J Bush at 2016-01-30

    I suddenly find myself in a tournament labeled 2003, paired against four players who haven’t been on this site for at least a year.

    • silexu 2014
    • Martin Bernhardt 2007
    • Klaus Hußmanns 2014
    • Pit 2006

    I hope this can be cancelled. Thanks.

  • Dan Mircea Vasilescu at 2016-02-03

    Hi David,

    I’ve entered little golem after not one year but several years and found myself in the same tournament. Was that telepathy? I don’t know. We can still play that game, don’t hammer me too hard.

    All the best, 

  • David J Bush at 2016-02-05

    Oops. I already resigned. But we can play a separate game if you like. Welcome back BTW!

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