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Slow Players
  • Quadvark at 2016-03-15

    I wish we had a place (list) that we could put notoriously slow players in. I’d rather resign at the beginning than trapped in a game with someone that makes a move every 6-14 days, especially one in the 1500-1600 range. Any thoughts on how else to avoid these players?   

  • purgency at 2016-03-15

    If it’s a list that you want then I definitely recommend the .txt file-format. It is really well suited for writing player names into it. You may wanna keep that list to yourself though, I don’t think name-shaming is generally appreciated. Oh yeah, also: write me down.

  • Loony at 2016-03-15

    Sorry purge but you are not in the 1500-1600 range. Too bad for the free wins. :/

  • purgency at 2016-03-15

    Pssst, he may not check my profile for that.

    What are you talking about?? I’m totally in that range.

  • MisterCat at 2016-03-15

    Well, sorry to have to disagree, but this is Richard’s site.  He has set up the parameters, and I work with them; sometimes I’m faster than my opponent, and sometimes I’m slower, but I deal with whatever.  There are other sites out there for many of the games played here (Chess, for example).

    On the other hand, if you wish to have Richard INSTALL OTHER TIME OPTIONS, then I would suggest contacting the admin; if he gets enough feedback, then perhaps he’ll make the addition.


  • mtbikesman at 2016-03-16

    Be glad with what you got.  On Twixt Live there are no time limits.  I have games where I have been waiting for years for the next move. 

  • Ryan at 2016-03-30

    Stop pressuring me, I’m thinking!

  • Quadvark at 2016-04-06

    And your expecting those moves to be made at this pointbike? I have a bridge...

    And I don’t disagree on one point Mistercat made. That said, a player that has over 240 games going on at once is “Jack of all 'games', master of none”. I’ll leave it at that.

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