Has someone heard of Steven lately? TWIXT PP

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Has someone heard of Steven lately?
  • Flemming Jensen ★ at 2016-03-29

    I wonder where Steven is.  Does any one have a clue?

    regards Flemming

  • Steven at 2016-05-12

    I had a death in the family and thanks for thinking of me, Flemming.

  • David J Bush at 2016-05-16

    Ok so when will we see you again at Game Center? This nocturnal life has its disadvantages sometimes.

  • David J Bush at 2016-05-16

    Wow that was really boorish wasn’t it? Sorry Steven, my inconvenience is not the issue, my condolences, for whatever it’s worth at this point.

  • Steven at 2016-05-17

    David, you already knew about it and that was weeks ago.  ;-)  I’d play more on the game center if there were a good way to communicate with people there.  I dislike hanging around waiting for someone to spontaneously show and be ready for a game.  Ugh!

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