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Twixt, World Championship 2016
  • alain at 2016-08-05

    The official World Championship in Twixt will take place as part of the Mind Sports Olympiad in London, UK this August 21-29. Players of all levels are welcome, including spectators. Full details are available at There are other tournaments including Go, Chess, Xiangqi, Backgammon, Poker, and many others that may be of interest as well.
    The event will take place on:Tue Aug 23rd, 14:15-18:00.
    There is a prize fund for this event, including junior prizes. The winner will also walk away with the title of World Champion.
    Hopefully this is of interest

  • CosimoC at 2016-08-23

    ...and the results are: Gold Metal to Florian (as last year); Silver Medal to Bharat (as last year) and Bronze Medal to me (as last year, if someone would have not decided against me in the tie-break resolution). Taking into account that the whole games should be played in only 20 minutes for each player, we can consider that the level of play was satisfying. Of course, Florian lives in another Twixt planet. In the last five years, he participated to 4 editions and, as far as I can remember, he has not lost a single game.

    Thank you also to Alain for the nice organisation

  • alain at 2016-09-05

    Thanks for beating me to the punch in reporting the results, Cosimo! Congratulations to all the medallists. Full results of Twixt and all other games at the MSO can be found at

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