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Game 1837371 analysis
  • passenger at 2017-02-15

    Hi fellow Twixt maniacs,

    Recently I’ve played very exciting game in infinity tournament against The Big Hurt. Here you will find the link to the game:

    It was a rollercoaster for me. I opened the game horribly and around the 11.m16 I was sure, I’ve lost it already, but then move after move somehow I began to feel more and more hope. After 28.u11 I was actually pretty sure that I control this game and will end up winning it since I was sure that I will connect to the left edge of the board having i19 and k19. But then The Big Hurt came up with 29.h14 that changed everything.

    My question is if there is any better move that I could have played, or The Big Hurt just played it perfectly from 29.h14 and there was simply no winning combination for me at this point? I would appreciate any feedback since I can’t sleep over this game:)

  • Maciej Celuch at 2017-02-16

    Check twixt-commentator. I wrote a note there.

  • passenger at 2017-02-16

    Wow... It was that easy:) I mean I’ve spent 2 days thinking about it, and haven’t even considered this move...

    Well, I think worse about myself now, but thank you very much Maciek for the answer I was looking for:)

  • THE BIG HURT at 2017-02-19

    ...and that’s why nie_wiesz wear’s the big boy pants.

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