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TwixT Playstyles
  • Florian Jamain at 2017-06-22

    Do you associate players to special playstyles?

    Personally, for instance when I play David J Bush, I think:

    “Okay, he will open on top, somewhere around H4, then he will put stones everywhere on the board and the game will be very interesting and very long”.

    mtbikesman will talk a lot during the game and try to make me confused. If he thinks he is in a losing position I will know it cause he will offer draw!

  • Letstry_Laurent ★ at 2017-07-02

    Florian Jamain will never give up ! Even when it seems clear you’re going to win, he will try something special to trap you... And you know what ? It works !


  • mmKALLL at 2017-07-06

    These aren’t about Twixt specifically, but...

    Ray Garrison will always choose a great move, one which is strategically very sensible. It is difficult to argue against, and usually close to one of the best moves on the board (although not always necessarily the best). He is a very consistent player, with strong reading skills.

    Ypercube sometimes tries new kinds of moves out, which always makes for interesting games. He seems to play with a good intuition.

    Diamante seems to like exciting games, where he/she does a few daring moves and then backs them up with expert skill. It’s always a challenge to keep up with their pace without making a mistake myself!

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