Some discussions about Twixt and Imuri which may interest you TWIXT PP

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Some discussions about Twixt and Imuri which may interest you
  • David J Bush ★ at 2017-09-17

    In the Twixt forum on BoardGameGeek, there is considerable debate going on.

    Subject: You think you know who owns the Rights to TwixT? You are Probably Wrong….

    This is the longest thread, where Alex Randolph’s nephew Michael Katz is currently opposing Wayne Dolezal and his company Lil Cerebral from publishing a new edition next year.

    And here is a discussion of the game Imuri by Klaus Munro, which I hope some reader here might be able to shed more light on. There was an earlier discussion of Imuri in this forum

     Imuri by Klaus Munro 

  • ypercube at 2017-09-18

    Heh, very interesting threads, both!

  • mtbikesman at 2017-09-18

    Not sure why anybody would buy it when you can play for free on graph paper or just use MS Word to create your own game board. 

  • Ed Collins at 2017-09-19

    Seriously? The joy and pleasure derived from playing on an actual physical board, rather than on graph paper, is the reason why people would purchase the game. 

    The cost of most all board games, TwixT included, is nominal compared to the amount of enjoyment using they bring. 

  • Loïc Boisnier at 2017-09-22

    You must print the game every time you play : ink + paper + not good matériel, i don’t understand why you will do this. I nerver do this, it’s really not interested and you cannot initiate new players (which don’t want play boardgames with paper and pencil)

  • ypercube at 2017-09-22

    Kids like paper and pencil games.

    And what’s a better time to introduce people into board games, than early in their lives?

  • Dvd Avins at 2017-09-28

    As I posted on bgg, For a creator of a game, it’s a piece of themselves. For an heir, it’s a financial asset. Maybe a fond remembrance of the creator, but putting Alex Randolph’s name and picture in the production of the game and having the game actually published would enhance that, not diminish it.

    So I think the way many have reacted to Wayne Dolezal’s actions is uncalled for. Having read so far through most of page two, I see nothing shady about it. And I’m glad to see someone who likes actually playing the game rather than someone who appreciates it simply as a financial asset (and who didn’t find a way to keep it in circulation) who has the determination and organizational skills to publish it, so we may enjoy it.

    There are many more worthy causes to identify with than the heirs of people who created something, whether the creation is worth billions or merely thousands.

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