EinStein w├╝rfelt nicht!

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EinStein würfelt nicht! is a board game invented by Prof. Dr. Ingo Althöfer.

EinStein würfelt nicht! is the official game accompanying an German exhibition about Einstein in the Einstein Year 2005.

Rules. (from BoardGameGeek)

  • The game board is 5x5 square fields large.
  • Each player controls 6 playing pieces i.e. stones with the numbers 1 to 6 marked on them.
  • The stones of player 1 are set up in the six fields of the upper left corner of the board and those of player 2 in the six fields of the lower right corner of the board so they face each other diagonally.
  • During his turn a player rolls a die, if he still has the stone with the number corresponding to the rolled value on the board he must move this stone. If the corresponding stone was already removed from play (see below) the player may choose to either move the stone with the next higher or the next lower number.
  • In his move player 1 may move the stone one field to the right, downward or diagonally to the lower right. Respectively player 2 may move the stone one field to the left, upward or diagonally to the upper left.
  • If a player ends his move on a field occupied by another stone, be it one of the opponent or one of his own stones, then this stone is removed from play.
  • To win the game a player must occupy the corner field of the opponent with a playing piece. A player loses if he has no more playing pieces left on the board.
  • Special rules on LittleGolem: Game is played as 3 point match.