Name: Gerolamo Cardano
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I was born in Pavia, Italy, September 24, 1501. My mother had

attempted to abort me shortly before my illegitimate birth in the public outhouse.
(un?)Fortunately for me, my mother, in order to escape the

plague, left my three elder siblings to die. In 1525, I

repeatedly applied to the College of Physicians in Milan, but was

not allowed due to my reputation as an eccentric,

confrontational loner, with bad odor, and illegitimate birth.
I was notoriously short of money and kept myself solvent

by being an accomplished gambler. Around 1560 I wrote a book

about occult superstitions and effective cheating methods, as

well as a section on imaginary numbers, although I didn’t

understand their properties. My eldest and favorite son

was executed in 1560 after he confessed to poisoning his wife.

My other son was a gambler, who stole money from me, so I cropped his ears. I myself

was accused of heresy in 1570 because I had computed and

published the horoscope of Jesus in 1554. My own son

was awarded the position of official torturer for the

inquisition, for his contribution to my prosecution. I received a lifetime annuity from Pope Gregory


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